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HMD Global Unveils Nokia 8 w/ 5.3-inch QHD Display, Snapdragon 835, Zeiss Optics

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HMD Global today announced the Nokia 8, the flagship smartphone out of the newly-established Nokia lineup of handsets. The device opts for a familar shape and …


Nokia 8 Leaks, Reveals Zeiss-Branded Rear Cameras

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A new report out of VentureBeat has detailed HMD Global’s upcoming Nokia 8 flagship smartphone that’s expected to arrive July 31st. It features high-end specifications that …

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HMD Global Reunites with Zeiss for Better Cameras on Future Nokia Phones

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HMD has announced a new partnership between it and Zeiss, an optoelectronics company, that will bring Zeiss optics back to Nokia-branded phones. HMD states this news builds …

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