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Lenovo’s Yoga A940 Takes Aim at Microsoft’s Surface Studio

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Today during CES 2019, Lenovo unveiled its new Yoga A940 all-in-one PC. And just by looking at it, it’s not hard to tell it’s going right …


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Lenovo Unveils Yoga S940 with Minimal Bezels and a Reverse Notch

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It also comes with eye tracking and flagship specs.

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Lenovo’s C730 Laptop Comes with an AMOLED Display

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It’s gotta be gorgeous to look at.


Lenovo Yoga 730 Review: For the Basic

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Lenovo’s latest entry in the Yoga 700 series is for the average Joe, but that’s a good thing.


Lenovo Yoga 720 Review: As Advertised

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Lenovo likes to release a bunch of laptops. Its flagship lineup, the Yoga 900 series, usually gets all the attention from both the public and media. …


Lenovo Yoga 920 Review: Almost Perfect

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Earlier this year, I got the chance to review Lenovo’s Yoga 910, a 2-in-1 convertible that offered great performance, battery life, and a form factor that …

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