Uber Now Lets You Tip Your Driver From Their App

One of Lyft’s biggest advantages over Uber was the ability to natively tip your driver at the end of your trip. Now, the latter is taking a jab at the magenta mustache by introducing the same feature within their app as a free update for iOS and Android users. At Continue Reading


You Can Now Request and Pay For an Uber in Google Maps

As a part of its latest update, Google Maps has revamped the current ride sharing interface initially introduced last year. Now, you’ll see more extensive ride options in your area, a carousal of different providers, and even a classic view of the Google Maps map with a bunch of locations marked Continue Reading

You Can No Longer Get a Self-Driving Uber in San Francisco

Photo via: ABC News Last week, Uber began deploying self-driving Volvo XC90 SUVs in San Francisco for picking up locals who needed a ride. A driver sat behind the wheel at all times just in case an unexpected movement or malfunction took place. Everything went great for the first few hours, however Continue Reading

DMV Puts Halt on Uber’s Self-Driving Car Program in San Francisco

In case you missed it, yesterday Uber officially launched a pilot program in San Francisco, CA of their new autonomous vehicle system to pick up passengers. In other words, self-driving cars (which, by the way, are a bunch of Volvo’s XC90 SUV) are now picking people up. It seemed to Continue Reading