Microsoft Unveils Upgraded Surface Laptop 3 with USB-C, 15-inch Screen, AMD Graphics

Starting at $999 and shipping October 22nd.


Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2 Will Come in New ‘Blush’ Finish in China

Tomorrow, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2 which debuted earlier this month will go on sale. The device features 8th-generation Intel Core processors, increased RAM capacities, more storage, and a generally identical design to the previous model. Of course, a big differentiating factor is the new matte black finish the device will Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2 Gets Better Specs and Matte Black Finish

Today during the company’s event, Microsoft announced the second-generation Surface Laptop. Succeeding the first edition of the device that was introduced last year, the Surface Laptop 2 packs in slightly better specs in, essentially, the same form factor. According to Microsoft, the Surface Laptop 2 is now available with Intel’s Continue Reading

Downgrading from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 S is Now a Thing

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop launches with Windows 10 S, a stripped down, more secure version of the full Windows 10 operating system. While it may be sufficient enough for some people, not everyone wants to stick strictly with Windows Store apps and may need to run your average desktop .EXE. That’s Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface Laptop Are Now Available for Purchase

Microsoft today launched their new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro 2-in-1. Each device was announced at separate events last month, with the former featuring pretty high-end specs running atop Windows 10 S in a standard laptop form factor while the latter features a convertible design, better specs, and full Windows Continue Reading

The Surface Laptop Almost Had USB-C Ports

During Microsoft’s event yesterday, the company unveiled the new Surface Laptop that’s a pretty standard laptop but with Surface-like features including a touchscreen, a fabric-coated keyboard, and Surface Pen support. It also runs Windows 10 S. But what’s most surprising is it’s IO – Microsoft has opted for standard USB Continue Reading

Microsoft Will Allow Surface Laptop Buyers to Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro For Free

Microsoft just unveiled their new Surface Laptop that comes preinstalled with Windows 10 S, a lighter version of the operating system that offers better security, educational features, and speed thanks to how light it is on hardware. But some might not like the OS. Maybe some think having the ability to Continue Reading

Microsoft Debuts New Surface-Branded Laptop for $999 Running Windows 10 S

Microsoft today unveiled a new laptop they’re simply calling Surface Laptop that wins the award for being the first device to ship with Windows 10 S, the company’s new edition of their operating system that’s designed to run on lightweight hardware and promise better security and education-focused features. The laptop Continue Reading