Anker Built an Amazon Fire TV into its Soundbar

Anker has announced a new version of its Nebula Soundbar. In this case, it doesn’t just come with better sound or more bass. In fact, in terms of sound quality, the new Nebula should be identical to the old one. It’s under the hood where things get interesting as the Continue Reading


Amazon’s Fire TV Cube Gets Upgraded with Faster Voice Processing, Dolby Vision, and HDR+

Amazon is holding one of its infamous press briefings where they unveil a ton of products in the span of about a half-hour. In this article, I’m detailing one of the more noteworthy announcements: the new Fire TV Cube. Granted, the external appearance of the new Fire TV Cube is Continue Reading

Apple’s HomePod Gets Updated with iOS 12.1.3

Today, Apple released iOS 12.1.3 to iPhone and iPad users. As a part of the update, the company is also pushing upgraded software to its HomePod smart speaker. The update fixes a problem where the HomePod could randomly restart and addresses an issue that might stop Siri from listening to Continue Reading

RIP: Google’s Chromecast Audio is Being Discontinued, On Sale for $15

Google’s Chromecast Audio is a simple wireless dongle you can plug into virtually any pair of speakers to make them smart speakers, capable of casting audio to using a 3.5mm connection. It costs $35 and is a great way to make a dumb set of speakers a connected set of Continue Reading

Lenovo is Taking Over Your Bedroom with the Google Assistant-Equipped Smart Clock

Today at CES 2019, Lenovo introduced the first Google Assistant-equipped Smart Clock. Last year, we had Smart Displays. This year, it looks like the Assistant will enter the bedroom. According to Lenovo, the Smart Clock comes with a 4-inch display that provides a similar viewing experience as the Smart Display, Continue Reading