Announcing a new format for Matridox and Wiretapped

A new format to unlock my creativity.


The New Matridox Swag is Here

We just re-launched our website last month (exactly a month ago, actually) and went through a total rebranding. Since we’re Matridox now, it only makes sense to share the news the way that matters: with t-shirts. Starting today, you can pick up a shirt with our Parahex logo slapped right on the front, with social […]

Follow Us on Instagram!

Just to add to our various social media platforms, we’ve officially launched an Instagram account! We’ve realized some people tend to get their daily news through their Instagram feed rather other platforms, so this is the main motive behind our decision to launch this extension of MBEDDED’s social media accounts. So what exactly will you […]

We’re Starting a YouTube Channel

We tend to celebrate major milestones with new announcements of services here at MBEDDED. Like for our 500th post, we decided to launch a Facebook profile so you could get the latest news whenever you wanted right in your News Feed. Or when we had our big one year anniversary and we launched the MBEDDED […]