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It’s Official: Google Will Shut Down Allo in March 2019

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The rumors were true, folks.


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Google is Reportedly Shutting Down Allo ‘Soon’

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Its anticipated shutdown schedule may have been delayed, however.

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Samsung is Shutting Down Milk Music on September 22nd

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It’s never had many users, it’s never been popular, and it’s device support is extremely limited. Can you guess what app I’m talking about? You said …


Report: In Two Years, You’ll No Longer Be Able to Buy Music from iTunes

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A new report by Digital Music News is suggesting that Apple is gearing up to discontinue paid music downloads through iTunes in as little as two …

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LINE Shuts Down MixRadio Due to “Financial Challenges”

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And to think I just signed up… When Microsoft put their music streaming service MixRadio, which was exclusive to Windows Phone users, up for grabs back …

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Facebook & Dropbox Are Done with A Handful of Their Apps

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Facebook and Dropbox, two of the most popular services on both mobile and desktop today, have taken down a handful of their apps from both the …

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