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Samsung Introduces ‘Ice Blue’ Galaxy S9 for China

Nearing the end of the device’s lifespan, Samsung has reminded the world once again the Galaxy S9 exists with the introduction of a new color: Ice Blue. This variant comes with a light blue that seamlessly fades into a silver, arctic-like finish near the bottom


Samsung’s Chromebook Plus V2 Gets an LTE Variant

This past summer, Samsung unveiled the successor to 2017’s Chromebook Plus. Called the Chromebook Plus V2, the laptop featured a 2-in-1 design with improved specs, an S Pen, and Chrome OS onboard (hence the Chromebook branding). Now, Samsung is introducing a new iteration of the

Samsung’s Galaxy A9 Has Four Cameras on the Back

We’ve seen a few phones hit the market with three cameras strapped to their back, but up until now, we haven’t seen any device that exceeded this count. Today, however, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy A9 mid-ranger that packs as many as four cameras on

Samsung Made an 8K QLED TV You’ll Be Able to Buy

Samsung has made a pretty cool announcement today: its very first commercial 8K TV. During its IFA 2018 press conference, the company introduced its Q900R QLED 8K television that will go on sale at the end of September. We don’t have pricing information yet, but it’s

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Launches Today for $999

After unveiling the phone earlier this month, Samsung has officially launched its much-anticipated Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. The device is launching today in the United States, Korea, Canada, China, India, all of Europe, and all of Southeast Asia. It’ll roll out to over 130 countries

Samsung Unveils New Galaxy Watch at Unpacked 2018

Alongside the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has unveiled its latest smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch. It’s the first time one of the company’s wearables hasn’t had the Gear brand attached to it, therefore tying the device more closely in with the rest of the Galaxy

Watch Samsung Unveil the Galaxy Note 9 Here

Samsung is about to take the stage in Manhatten where the company will unveil its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9. It’s the successor to last year’s Note 8 and will serve up improved specs, better cameras, an upgraded S Pen, and more. If you’re