Samsung Recalls Early Galaxy Fold Review Units

Maybe Samsung will soon finally have an answer as to what’s going on.


Samsung Officially Recalls the Galaxy Note 7 (Again), Warns Users to Shut it Down and Get a Refund

R.I.P. Galaxy Note 7. Tonight via a press release, Samsung has officially recalled the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after hundreds of reports of the handset bursting into flames. At least 5 of these recorded incidents involved a supposed repaired unit the company’s been issuing to customers as complimentary exchanges. However, it now looks like no […]

US Safety Commission and the FAA Don’t Want You to Use the Galaxy Note 7

As you’ve probably heard by now, Samsung has issued a total recall of all Galaxy Note 7 units shipped due to reports of exploding batteries and devices catching fire while charging. But with more and more documented accounts of users experiencing these issues surfacing everyday, this recall is leading to many companies and organizations publicly […]