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Moto E5 Launches in the US for $99

After unveiling the phone earlier this year in April, Motorola has finally brought the low-end Moto E5 to the United States. The device can be purchased over at Best Buy for a price of $99.99, therefore signifying the device is built for those on strict


Moto’s Z3 is a Showcase for Verizon’s 5G Network

Motorola held an event today in Chicago where the company unveiled its latest smartphone, the Moto Z3. No, this isn’t the flagship Z smartphone we’ve been expecting and it’s more of a showcase for the device’s 5G capabilities. That’s because the headlining feature of the

Lenovo’s New Moto Tab is a $299 DirecTV Machine

Lenovo has unveiled a new Motorola-branded tablet, marking the first time such a device with this logo has been released in more than five years. Called the Moto Tab, the device is exclusive to AT&T who, unfortunately, decided to bog down the entire device with

Moto X4 Up for Preorder Starting Tomorrow for $399

Moto’s X4 smartphone is going up for preorder. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to place an early order for the handset before it launches October 26th. It’ll cost you $399. The device was originally announced back at IFA 2017 and ships with a 5.2-inch 1080p

Moto’s Latest Mod Adds Amazon Alexa for $150

Motorola today announced a new Moto Mod that adds Amazon Alexa voice functionality to devices such as the Z2 Force and Z2 Play. Called the Moto Smart Speaker, the accessory costs $150 and lets you interact with the voice assistant that comes pre-loaded on the