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Microsoft Edge Will Officially Move to Chrome and Launch on Windows 7, 8.1, and the Mac

This is huge news for the future of web browsing.


Amazon Alexa Can Now Call People Over Skype

Alongside two music streaming platforms, Amazon is adding yet another service to its list of Alexa-controllable third-party integrations. This time around, the company’s partnering with Microsoft to enable the ability to call people using Skype. Users of the feature will be able to simply say,

Amazon Alexa is Now Available for Windows 10

Amazon has announced it’s beginning to roll out Alexa support for all Windows 10 users. The company previously made the voice assistant available on select few laptops and PCs in the past. But now, Amazon has released a proper Alexa app which is currently available

Microsoft’s Next Event is on October 2nd

Microsoft has announced its next event which is scheduled for October 2nd. The company sent out invites to different members of the media with the tagline “A moment of your time.” It’s not exactly clear what the company has in store, but we’ll find out