Introducing Wiretapped, the New Weekly Newsletter from Matridox

Now, you can hear from me every Friday to tell you about the future of computing. Exciting, right?


Our Third Anniversary is Here, and So is Matridox 3.0 [w/ Giveaway!]

Three years ago, we launched the first version of Matridox known as MBEDDED. At that time, the landscape of technology reviewers and news websites was so overcrowded, it seemed impossible for us to ever make a difference in the way people consumed content. But we persevered. We wedged our way Continue Reading

We’re Giving Away a Lenovo Yoga Book!

To celebrate our second anniversary and big rebranding, we’ve teamed up with Lenovo to give away a (1) Yoga Book, a device we’ve praised again and again on our site! It comes with a 10.1-inch Full HD display, an Intel Atom x5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a custom productivity-focused Android UX, and much, much Continue Reading

How-To: Follow Matridox on Social Media

We just refreshed our entire brand, from our name to our new website which looks really newsy. That means our social media channels have also adopted a suite of changes, including new icons and headers. Oh, and new usernames you should probably be aware of. From today onward, we’ll be Continue Reading

The Official Matridox App Now Available on the Google Play Store

We just announced our big rebranding for our second anniversary. Everything is new starting today, and that goes for both our website and mobile app. And it was only appropriate to fulfill a promise we made a while back when we were still developing the MBEDDED app: an official listing on Continue Reading

Why Not Slap the New Matridox Logo on Your Wrist?

We just refreshed our entire brand down to our app, website, and even name. Now, it’s time to give our official Android Wear watchface the same treatment. Via the Facer app for Android, you can sync up our new Matridox-style watchface complete with weather data, step counts, and current battery Continue Reading