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New Report Confirms OLED Bar and Touch ID in New MacBook Pros for 2016

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9to5Mac has published a report citing a reliable source claiming that Apple will indeed include an OLED touch bar and Touch ID sensor on the upcoming …



Xiaomi Surprised Everyone With Launching Their First Laptop

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This is a new product category for Xiaomi, however they have ventured beyond phones before, for example with their smart scale. But laptops are a completely …


The Superbook Brings Continuum-Like Features to Android Users (And it’s Awesome)

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A new startup by the name of Andromium has created a new laptop-type device called the Superbook. And this isn’t your average run-of-the-mill laptop or tablet hybrid …


This Tablet Can Run Windows 10 and Remix OS for $239

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Chuwi has announced the latest member to their lineup of tablets. Called the Vi10 Plus, this $169 tablet-laptop hybrid comes preloaded with two operating systems you can …


The New ZenBook is Even Thinner and Packs More Heat Than the MacBook

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ASUS today unveiled their new ZenBook 3 laptop which measures in at 11.9-mm thin, a measurement thinner than Apple’s current thinnest offering the MacBook which is 13.1-mm …

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CES 2016: Samsung Unveils the Sleek 11.6 inch Chromebook 3

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At CES 2016, Samsung has unveiled yet another Chromebook to the world with this one targeted an ultra-portable and sleek choice in the world of Chrome …

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CES 2016: Acer Just Launched the First All-in-One Intel Core-Powered Chromebase (Plus a Bunch of Other Stuff)

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Today at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Acer has launched a slew of new products, with the one standing out the most being the first Chrome …

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