ZAGG Slim Book Go for iPad Pro (2018) Review

There’s nothing “slim” about this case, nor is it the best on the market. But the keyboard’s great.


Review: Cherry’s EZClean Keyboard Cover is Perfect for the Clumsy and Health-Conscious

There’s no doubt about it, keyboards can get messy over time. If you share yours with family members, friends, or co-workers, it’s hard to predict just what might happen to it with so many people using it day to day. It can get germ-infested, someone could spill their drink on Continue Reading

Apple’s New MacBook Pros Use Silicon to Protect the Keyboard

This past week, Apple unveiled its latest lineup of MacBook Pros, complete with upgraded specs, True Tone displays, and an improved keyboard. That last feature was especially appreciated by owners of previous-generation Pros which suffered from major keyboard problems that, in some cases, would disable an entire keyboard due to Continue Reading

Apple Now Sells its Magic Mouse, Keyboard, and Trackpad in Space Gray

When Apple introduced the iMac Pro last June, many consumers weren’t necessarily interested in the computer, but what came with it instead. Inside the box, buyers get a Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad all in Space Gray which was a nice change of pace from the usual Continue Reading

Google Updates Gboard for iOS with Maps and YouTube Integration

Google has updated its Gboard for iOS keyboard with two new features: YouTube and Maps integration. The former allows users to directly share videos from the platform in apps by searching for clips across the web, while the latter allows users to share different locations or your own, for instance, Continue Reading

RIP: Microsoft is Killing its iPhone Keyboard

As first spotted by Windows Central in a support note, Microsoft has announced they’re killing the Word Flow iOS keyboard. The keyboard, a port from Windows Phone that is now dead itself, will be survived by the company’s acquisition of SwiftKey that’s now being promoted as its replacement. Microsoft’s full Continue Reading

HTC is Working to Get Rid of Ads on Their Phones’ Keyboards

Here’s a problem not many people have probably ever heard of or experienced: users of HTC’s phones, most notably the squeezable U11 and last year’s 10, are having advertisements pop up on their keyboards. HTC uses TouchPal, available on the Play Store, as their default keyboard. But for whatever reason, a Continue Reading

Microsoft’s New Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID Now Available for $129.99

Last month, Microsoft quietly unveiled the new Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID that hid a fingerprint sensor in what normally would be a standard Windows key. Since then, the keyboard has gone on sale in the U.S. for the retail price of $129.99. Microsoft touts the rechargeable battery inside the Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Latest Keyboard Includes a Fingerprint Sensor for $129.99

Microsoft has quietly unveiled a new keyboard known as the Modern Keyboard. It’s the successor to the Surface Keyboard which features the same design and key travel. The only difference between the two is one major addition: a fingerprint sensor. As you can see in the video above, Microsoft has Continue Reading

RIP: You Can No Longer Buy a Wired Apple Keyboard

RIP a device that pleases those who hate wireless anything. As originally noted by 9to5Mac, it looks like Apple is no longer selling the wired keyboard with numeric keypad that was previously available. In its place comes the new Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad that was introduced earlier today. Sure, this Continue Reading

The Moto Z is Getting a Physical Keyboard Mod and Here’s Proof

A recent Indiegogo campaign aims to deliver a physical QWERTY keyboard in the form of a Moto Mod built for Moto’s Z series smartphones. And while we’ve had renderings of what the project may look like in the end, we’ve never had actual pictures of, say, a prototype. This changes today. Continue Reading

Google’s Gboard for Android is Now Available Through the Play Store

This week, Google officially released their previously iOS-exclusive app Gboard for Android users as an update for the old Google Keyboard, complete with built-in online search, GIF support, fresh themes, and more. However, when it arrived, it wasn’t available through the Play Store and only via a side-loaded APK. Now, Continue Reading

This May Be the Last BlackBerry Smartphone with a QWERTY Keyboard

BlackBerry recently announced that they’re making one more in-house smartphone before making the switch completely to third parties building and developing handsets for them that’ll include a physical QWERTY keyboard, a feature the company is known for. There’s been whispers that this device may be called the BlackBerry Mercury, but Continue Reading