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You Can Now Get 2TB of iCloud Storage for $9.99/Month

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Yet another announcement that wasn’t made onstage during the WWDC 2017 keynote happens to regard iCloud. Apple has upgraded the current $9.99/month subscription to include 2TB …


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Amazon Alexa Now Supports iCloud Calendars

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Amazon today announced an update to their voice assistant, Alexa. As of today, you can connect your existing iCloud calendar to a device like your Amazon …


Apple Now Offers 2TB of iCloud Storage for $19.99/Month

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Storage is always an issue for users of mobile devices, especially when those users have little storage to use. Take the 16GB iPhone for example. With people …

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Major iCloud Outage Affecting Multiple Users

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As of right now, there’s a major iTunes, App Store, Apple Music, and overall iCloud outage affecting multiple users around the globe. Tweets all over the …

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