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You Can Now Have Amazon Deliver Packages to Your Car

Amazon has announced it now lets you have packages you order delivered to your car. The service is part of Amazon Key which previously only allowed packages to be delivered to the inside of your home. Now, delivery people can drop your mail off in


Amazon’s Instant Pickup Can Fulfill Orders in Two Minutes

Amazon today is introducing Instant Pickup, a faster way to obtain products one orders from the company’s website. The way it works is when a user places an order from Amazon, they can choose one of currently five available fully-staffed pickup locations in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Berkeley, Calif., Columbus,

You’re Now Considered “Sheeple,” You Apple Fanboy

Merriam-Webster has added a new word to the dictionary in which it details what it means to be “sheeple.” And apparently, at least according to Webster, you’re “sheeple” if you’re an Apple fanboy. Here’s the exact definition of the word. Definition of sheeple informal people who

You Can Now Order Starbucks Through Amazon Alexa

Starbucks has released a Skill for Amazon’s Alexa platform called Starbucks Reorder which allows you to reorder your Usual at your most frequently visited Starbucks location. It works by linking your Starbucks account to the Skill which can also read off your current card balance.