Google Chrome Gets Dark Mode Support on Windows 10

Google has begun rolling out version 74 of its Chrome web browser that adds dark mode support to Windows 10. The feature previously was made available on macOS through version 73. The update is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux users. To enable dark mode, you’ll have to go into Continue Reading


Google Chrome Gets Updated with Redesign, New Password Manager, and More

To celebrate the browser’s tenth anniversary, Google has announced a major upgrade for Chrome that includes a new design and features. It’s the first time we’ve ever seen such a major upgrade for the browser in terms of raw visual design. According to Google, Chrome will now feature a design Continue Reading

Hands-On: This is Google’s Material Redesign of Chrome for iOS

It’s no secret Google’s working on a material redesign of its Chrome web browser. The new design was originally previewed in Chrome 68 builds a few months ago, but it has yet to reach a vast majority of Chrome users. Therefore, it’s pretty safe to assume not many people knew Continue Reading

Google Lists Chrome in the Windows Store and Trolls Everyone [Update: Never Mind]

Update: Microsoft has announced its removed Google’s Chrome Installer web link application as it doesn’t comply with the company’s policies. Exact reasoning wasn’t given beyond this so we may never know the real reason it was unpublished. Google seemingly just wanted to create a solution for all the bogus Chrome Continue Reading

Google Chrome Updated with MacBook Pro Touch Bar Support

Google has updated its Chrome browser to version 60 with support for Apple’s MacBook Pro Touch Bar (via 9to5Mac). With the update, you can visit View > Customize Touch Bar to add shortcuts to commands within Chrome to the Touch Bar like a search bar, the bookmark button, back/forward controls, Continue Reading

Soon, DirecTV Now Will Only Work in Google Chrome on Desktop

When DirecTV Now launched, its content was streamable across a variety of internet browsers for those who like to kick back and relax in front of their desktop. However, starting this July, the service will formally only support Google Chrome, therefore making Google’s desktop browser the only available option to Continue Reading

Google Chrome 57 Introduces Better Battery Efficiency

Google has been working hard on Chrome to deliver better battery efficency as the browser’s been known to kill many a laptop in it’s day. Luckily, with version 57, it looks to get even more efficient by throttling background tabs. Specifically, if a tab has been untouched for more than Continue Reading

Google Chrome Now Defaults to HTML5 for All

With the version 56 update, Google has enabled Chrome to default to HTML5-based rendering for better speed and security. This means that content still using Flash won’t display immediately and instead will require your manual authorization to run. This update comes as HTML5 begins to ultimately take the place of Continue Reading

Google’s Chrome Canary Channel is Now Available on Android

Google likes users to test their stuff before it comes out, especially software. And Chrome is the perfect example. On the desktop, there’s a stable, public Chrome channel that gets new features when they’re finalized, and there’s an unstable/beta Canary channel that’ll give users access to the bleeding edge of Continue Reading

Google Releaes Chrome 54 to the Masses, Includes Plenty of New Stuff for Android

Today Google began rolling out v54 of Chrome to Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android users. Obviously, there’s plenty of bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements packed inside this update, but the main focus in this new version seems to be Android as that’s where the most notable differences live… For Continue Reading