Google Fi Launches Unlimited Plan for $70/Month

A solid deal for those who want unlimited data through Google.


Verizon Will Roll Out RCS Chat to the Pixel 3 This Week

After the announcement leaked on Reddit, Verizon has confirmed it’ll begin rolling out RCS Chat support to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL this week, starting December 6th. While it’s nice to finally see the new texting standard reach consumer devices, we probably won’t see it hit any other Continue Reading

AT&T Says It’ll Carry Samsung’s 5G Phone in 2019

Yesterday, Verizon announced it planned to carry an upcoming Samsung phone that would support the company’s 5G network in early 2019. As it turns out, Big Red won’t be the only carrier taking advantage of the tech onboard, as AT&T has noted it, too, will carry the 5G-equipped Samsung device. Continue Reading

Samsung is Releasing a 5G Phone Next Year with Verizon

Just as reports surface that Apple will be holding off until 2020, Samsung has announced it’ll be releasing a phone next year equipped with 5G compatibility. The device is a result of the company’s partnership with Verizon who will be supplying the 5G connectivity once its network goes live in Continue Reading

Project Fi Gets Renamed to Google Fi, Now Works with More Android Phones and iPhones

After an embargoed article went up yesterday revealing the announcement, Google today formally published a blog post detailing some major changes coming to its Project Fi cellular service. As of today, the MNVO will now be known as Google Fi and, therefore, graduate from its long-lasting “Project” status. The service Continue Reading