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Apple Music is Finally Getting Proper Android Tablet Support

It’s been three years since Apple initially released the Android version of Apple Music, and over these past 36 months, the app has seen a variety of updates to better fit the platform and its users. Now, a new beta has surfaced that’s rolling out


Apple Music is Coming to the Amazon Echo on December 17th

In an admittedly shocking announcement today, Amazon has confirmed Apple is bringing support for its Apple Music streaming service to Echo devices. The service has been exclusive to Apple HomePod which, up until this point, has been the only smart speaker that gave you access

Apple Music is Getting its Own Top 100 Charts

Many streaming services such as Spotify have their own top charts to show you what music people all around the world are jamming to. For whatever reason, Apple hasn’t included the feature in its Apple Music streaming service and kept it exclusively within the iTunes

Apple Music Will Soon Make its Way to Android Auto

Apple has, historically, been a stickler when it comes to expanding its services to other platforms. The world was seriously blessed when the company release an Android counterpart for its Apple Music streaming service, and now, it looks like the company will soon make a

Apple Music is Now Integrated into Facebook Messenger

Facebook is now rolling out a new extension to all Messenger users that allows them to share music from the streaming service Apple Music, as reported by Engadget. Members can search for a listen to full songs in the messaging service, while those who aren’t subscribed

Apple is No Longer Hosting its Annual Apple Music Festival

Apple is no longer hosting its annual Apple Music Festival formally known as the iTunes Festival, as reported by Music Business Worldwide. The UK-based event last took place last year and hosted artists including Elton John, Chance the Rapper, The 1975, Michael Bublé, Brittany Spears, and

Apple Music Introduces New ‘My Chill Mix’ Playlist

Apple wants you to just chill. The company has introduced a new playlist on their Apple Music streaming service dubbed, “My Chill Mix.” Essentially, it’s a list chock-full of songs you may not know but Apple thinks you can calm down to. It’s personalized too, by