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You Can Now Preorder Apps in Apple’s App Store

For some time now, Google has allowed users of its Android platform to pre-register for apps and games in order to be notified of that app’s availability. This is especially useful in a game’s case […]

Apple’s iTunes 12.7 Removes the App Store

Apple is finally trimming down what they pack in iTunes. Starting with version 12.7, the company will no longer include App Store integration. This means users won’t be able to sync their iOS devices to […]

Apple to Allow Developers to Reply to Reviews on the App Store

Apple has notified developers that starting as soon as iOS 10.3 is available for download, developers will be able to reply to reviews left by users on their app listings. The feature will be open […]

Apple Pulled an AirPod-Finding App Because They Didn’t Like the ‘Concept’

Apple’s usually pretty picky when it comes to the types of apps that land in the App Store, but most of the time an app is pulled from or not allowed in the marketplace due to […]

Wanna Fill in Blanks From Trump & Clinton Quotes? There’s an App For That, and You Play it With Friends

Did you ever watch a Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton rally and hear one of them say something you wish you could change? Well, there’s now an app for that, and it’s called “Instant Regret ‘He […]

Got Homework? Have Mathpix Do it For You

Mathpix is a new app for iOS that can scan and calculate any math problem it comes across. This isn’t just a fancy calculator or anything. This app uses your phone’s camera and scans, say, […]

Move Aside Siri and Google Now – Cortana Has Landed on Google Play and App Stores

After several months of beta testing, Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant found on Windows 10 desktops and Windows Mobile phones, has officially landed on the Google Play and App Stores. This means that you can give […]