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Samsung and LG Are Bringing the Google Assistant and Alexa to Their TVs

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No exact word on when we can expect the features to roll out, however.


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You Can Now Connect Apple Music to an Amazon Echo

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The feature’s rolling out earlier than expected.


You Can Now Buy a Big Mouth Billy Bass for Amazon Alexa

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Remember a couple of years back when a guy hacked his Big Mouth Billy Bass to mouth Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa? Well, as it turns out, …

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Amazon Alexa Can Now Call People Over Skype

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Alongside two music streaming platforms, Amazon is adding yet another service to its list of Alexa-controllable third-party integrations. This time around, the company’s partnering with Microsoft …

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You Can Now Stream Tidal and Pandora Premium with Amazon Alexa

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Pandora has announced subscribers of its Pandora Premium streaming service can now listen to their music through an Amazon Echo device or Alexa-enabled speaker. Those on …

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You Can Now Broadcast Messages Across Amazon Echos with Alexa

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Amazon has announced it’s adding a new feature that lets users broadcast voice messages across all Echos in a household using Alexa. It’s similar to the …


Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Mod Review: Totally Overkill

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Motorola’s still going strong with its Moto Z lineup with two new devices added to the lineup this year alone and various upgraded and totally fresh …

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