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Apple is Acquiring Texture, a Digital Magazine Subscription Service

The “Netflix of magazines” will soon be owned by the Cupertino company for an undisclosed amount.


It’s Official: Apple is Buying Shazam

As per a statement via BuzzFeed, Apple has announced it will be acquiring Shazam, the incredibly popular music recognition service that originally launched nearly twenty years ago in Britain. This comes after TechCrunch reported last […]

Reports: Apple to Acquire Shazam for $400 Million

New reports out of both Recode and TechCrunch today claim Apple is gearing up to acquire music identification service Shazam for $400 million. The deal, according to both reports, could be announced as early as […]

Dow Jones Accidentally Announces Google Acquisition of Apple for $9 Billion

The Dow Jones surprised everyone today when they mistakenly published headlines saying Google was set to acquire Apple for as little as $9 billion. The deal, according to DJ, was set to close tomorrow with […]

T-Mobile and Sprint Reportedly Close to Merging Deal

A report out of Reuters who quotes “people familiar with the matter” states T-Mobile and Sprint could be close to merging. A deal is reportedly being finalized and could be announced as soon as next […]

Google Hires HTC’s Smartphone Division for $1.1 Billion

After multiple rumors and reports indicating the move would be made, Google has announced they’re spending $1.1 billion to hire employees in HTC’s smartphone division to further work on the search giant’s smartphones such as […]

HTC Stops Share Trading Ahead of Expected Google Takeover

HTC has stopped its share trading ahead of an expected Google takeover of the company’s smartphone division, according to Bloomberg‘s Tim Culpan. Previously, a takeover of the company’s smartphone business was rumored to be done […]

Andy Rubin’s Essential is Now a Billion-Dollar Company

Andy Rubin’s Essential is now a billion-dollar company, according to Bloomberg columnist Tim Culpan. Thanks to Foxconn’s FIH Mobile $3 million investment in Essential to own 0.25 percent of the company, Rubin’s brand that has […]

HMD Global Reunites with Zeiss for Better Cameras on Future Nokia Phones

HMD has announced a new partnership between it and Zeiss, an optoelectronics company, that will bring Zeiss optics back to Nokia-branded phones. HMD states this news builds on top of the history Zeiss and Nokia share. […]

Nextbit Has Been Acquired by Razer

Nextbit has announced on their community that they’ve been acquired by Razer, that really popular gaming PC and monitor company hard-core techies are bound to be familiar with. It’s unclear how much the latter bought […]

Mozilla’s New Logo Reflects Web Heritage and Direction

Mozilla today unveiled their new logo based on input given to them by the public seven months ago. The company narrowed the choices down and ultimately decided on its present look, providing a better window […]

RIP: Cyanogen Inc. Will Shut Down on December 31st, Lineage OS to Take Over

We all know CyanogenMod and Cyanogen Inc. in full has been struggling for the past few years with multiple job cuts, department closures, and canceled partnerships. But nevertheless, true fans and believers of the company […]

Samsung Has Acquired Viv, the Next AI Assistant from the Makers of Siri

Samsung has announced via a press release that they’ve agreed to acquire AI startup Viv Labs, a company founded by the creators of Apple’s personal assistant Siri. This move will open the door for more […]

BlackBerry: We’re Done Developing Our Own Smartphones

In a somewhat surprising move today, BlackBerry announced that they’re done developing their own smartphones and will gear their focus toward making better software. The reason behind this decision is due to the company becoming […]

Apple Just Bought an AI Startup to Expand Their Technology for $200M

A recently launched startup by the name of Turi has been acquired by Apple, according to GeekWire. This startup is currently based in Seattle and focuses on machine learning technology and building the next AI […]

Apple’s Getting Sued Because the iPhone Makes Phone Calls

Corydoras Technologies LLC, a Texasa-based company, has filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming that the company infringes its patents by allowing the iPhone to make phone calls and send emails wirelessly. Yes, you read that […]

Breaking: Dead Body Found in Apple HQ Conference Room

New reports have flooded the internet today stating that a dead body was found in an Apple headquarter’s conference room in Cupertino, CA. Neither local authorities or Apple have cared to comment on this story, however […]

Watch: Samsung’s 2016 Developer Conference Will Be Live at 12:30PM ET

Today, Samsung will be kicking off their annual Developer Conference at Moscone West, California. The company will open the event with a keynote starting at 12:30PM ET/9:30PM PT with a full list of speakers, including: DJ […]

Amazon Launches New Prime Video Service for $8.99/Month

Usually, to get access to Amazon’s Prime Video service, you either need to pay $10.99 a month or $99 a year for a Prime subscription, however that all changes today as the online retailer makes […]

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Made Ted Cruz Cry

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel had Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz on his late night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!” where the host asked the White House-hopeful about current oppressing matters such as Donald Trump’s recent […]