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T-Mobile and Sprint Officially Announce $26 Billion Merger

The new company will be valued at $146 billion.


Sprint and T-Mobile Might Merge This Week

Following a recent report out of Reuters that claimed talks were back on, CNBC is saying Sprint and T-Mobile are finalizing a deal that will see the two carriers merge. This conversation between the companies […]

Disney Acquires 21st Century Fox in Major Entertainment Deal

Disney has acquired Fox’s entertainment division, 21st Century Fox, for $52.4 billion in a major move that will shake up the media industry. The move places most of Fox’s major entertainment assets under Disney such […]

Disney is Reportedly in Talks to Buy a Part of 21st Century Fox

“Let’s get everything, except news and sports,” said Disney in a mischievous voice.

T-Mobile and Sprint Announce They’re Not Merging

After weeks and weeks of speculation from heated reports that flew in like hawks, T-Mobile and Sprint have both announced they’re no longer in talks regarding a possible merger. The identical reason the two carriers […]

Apple’s Q4 2017 Earnings: The iPhone X Should Fix Things

Apple has posted its Q4 earnings for FY 2017 and is reporting revenue of $52.6 billion with $10.7 billion in profit. This was earned by selling 46.7 million iPhones, 10.3 million iPads, and 5.4 million […]

Apple’s Q3 2017 Earnings: The iPad is Back

Apple just announced its fiscal Q3 2017 earnings, and it goes to show what Apple’s doing with the iPad is working. The company brought in $45.4 billion revenue over $50.6 billion collected last quarter. $8.72 […]

Never Mind, Jeff Bezos isn’t the Richest Guy in the World Anymore

We originally reported Jeff Bezos, the billionaire who founded and is the CEO of Amazon, had taken the reigns to become the richest person in the world, beating Microsoft founder Bill Gates who has held […]

LG Lost Money Thanks to the G6 in Q2 2017

LG lost money this quarter, and they really need to do something big to fix that.

Samsung Could Net the Most Quarterly Profit in Company History Soon

Samsung’s Q2 2017 results are coming later this month, and the company has released earnings guidance to give everyone an idea of how they believe they’ve performed over the last quarter. And surprisingly, it looks […]

Breaking: Amazon Acquiring Whole Foods for Nearly $14 Billion

Amazon today announced their latest stretch into the grocery market by acquiring Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion. The online retailer will pay $42 per share in an all-cash transaction that’s valued at $13.7 billion […]

Apple Q2 2017 Earings: Less iPhones, iPads, and Macs Sold Means $50.6 Billion in Revenue

Apple has announced its fiscal earnings for the second quarter of 2017 ending on April 1, 2017. The company has reported $50.6 billion in revenue, while the numbers of sold devices have decreased when compared […]

Apple Sues Swatch Over Their ‘Tick Different’ Slogan

Apple’s ‘Think Different’ marketing campaign was one of the most successful and important in the company’s history, so it only makes sense for them to defend what’s theirs. Via MacRumors, word has surfaced that the […]

Never Mind, LeEco Isn’t Acquiring Vizio Anymore

In a pretty surprising move today, LeEco announced they’re no longer in the process of acquiring U.S. TV brand Vizio for the purported $2 billion. They’re calling off the deal, citing “regulatory headwinds” as the cause. […]

Innovate Or Perish: Businesses That Stand Still Stand To Lose

It’s often said that all it takes to change a person’s life – or the life of a business – is one big idea. While it’s true that many individuals and businesses have gone a […]

Tesla Motors is Now Just Tesla

As tweeted by CNBC, Tesla Motors has today announced their name change to, simply, Tesla Inc. Sure, the company is known for making cars of the future, but the change better reflects other efforts they’re […]

Apple Q1 2017 Earnings: iPhone Shatters Records, Revenue Up to $78.4B

Apple today announced their earnings report for the first fiscal quarter of 2017. A live stream of the earnings call associated with the report confirmed that the company collected a record $78.4 billion in revenue […]

Microsoft’s CEO is Joining Starbucks’ Board of Directors

Via a press release today, Starbucks announced that they’ve nominated Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to join their board of directors. After soon-to-be-ex CEO Howard Schultz (the guy who’s credited for bringing a modern, technology-focused approach […]

Fitbit Officially Acquires Pebble for the Sake of Software

Several reports this week claimed that Fitbit would acquire Pebble, and today both companies confirmed that the acquisition will happen. This deal, however, only includes the software assets of Pebble. The acquisition does not include hardware. […]

Donald Trump Said He’ll Block AT&T’s Acquisition of Time Warner and Split Up Comcast & NBC

On the campaign trail, it’s all about saying stuff supporters will feed off of. Whether it be making fun of your opponent or opposing a current event, whatever it takes to get someone’s vote, you’ll […]