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T-Mobile and Sprint Officially Announce $26 Billion Merger

The new company will be valued at $146 billion.


Sprint and T-Mobile Might Merge This Week

Following a recent report out of Reuters that claimed talks were back on, CNBC is saying Sprint and T-Mobile are finalizing a deal that will see the two carriers merge. This conversation between the companies […]

Apple is Acquiring Texture, a Digital Magazine Subscription Service

The “Netflix of magazines” will soon be owned by the Cupertino company for an undisclosed amount.

Disney Acquires 21st Century Fox in Major Entertainment Deal

Disney has acquired Fox’s entertainment division, 21st Century Fox, for $52.4 billion in a major move that will shake up the media industry. The move places most of Fox’s major entertainment assets under Disney such […]

It’s Official: Apple is Buying Shazam

As per a statement via BuzzFeed, Apple has announced it will be acquiring Shazam, the incredibly popular music recognition service that originally launched nearly twenty years ago in Britain. This comes after TechCrunch reported last […]

Reports: Apple to Acquire Shazam for $400 Million

New reports out of both Recode and TechCrunch today claim Apple is gearing up to acquire music identification service Shazam for $400 million. The deal, according to both reports, could be announced as early as […]

Disney is Reportedly in Talks to Buy a Part of 21st Century Fox

“Let’s get everything, except news and sports,” said Disney in a mischievous voice.

T-Mobile and Sprint Announce They’re Not Merging

After weeks and weeks of speculation from heated reports that flew in like hawks, T-Mobile and Sprint have both announced they’re no longer in talks regarding a possible merger. The identical reason the two carriers […]

Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Was Deactivated by an Exiting Employee

Image via: TIME For around eleven minutes before the 7 PM ET hour struck yesterday, President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated for no apparent reason. Searching for The Donald by his handle @realDonaldTrump resulted […]

Apple’s Q4 2017 Earnings: The iPhone X Should Fix Things

Apple has posted its Q4 earnings for FY 2017 and is reporting revenue of $52.6 billion with $10.7 billion in profit. This was earned by selling 46.7 million iPhones, 10.3 million iPads, and 5.4 million […]

Dow Jones Accidentally Announces Google Acquisition of Apple for $9 Billion

The Dow Jones surprised everyone today when they mistakenly published headlines saying Google was set to acquire Apple for as little as $9 billion. The deal, according to DJ, was set to close tomorrow with […]

T-Mobile and Sprint Reportedly Close to Merging Deal

A report out of Reuters who quotes “people familiar with the matter” states T-Mobile and Sprint could be close to merging. A deal is reportedly being finalized and could be announced as soon as next […]

Google Hires HTC’s Smartphone Division for $1.1 Billion

After multiple rumors and reports indicating the move would be made, Google has announced they’re spending $1.1 billion to hire employees in HTC’s smartphone division to further work on the search giant’s smartphones such as […]

HTC Stops Share Trading Ahead of Expected Google Takeover

HTC has stopped its share trading ahead of an expected Google takeover of the company’s smartphone division, according to Bloomberg‘s Tim Culpan. Previously, a takeover of the company’s smartphone business was rumored to be done […]

Andy Rubin’s Essential is Now a Billion-Dollar Company

Andy Rubin’s Essential is now a billion-dollar company, according to Bloomberg columnist Tim Culpan. Thanks to Foxconn’s FIH Mobile $3 million investment in Essential to own 0.25 percent of the company, Rubin’s brand that has […]

Scientists Have Altered Human DNA For the First Time in the US

They may have been successful and things might seem promising, but there could be major complications down the road.

Apple’s Q3 2017 Earnings: The iPad is Back

Apple just announced its fiscal Q3 2017 earnings, and it goes to show what Apple’s doing with the iPad is working. The company brought in $45.4 billion revenue over $50.6 billion collected last quarter. $8.72 […]

Los Angeles Will Host the 2028 Summer Olympics

The Olympics are finally coming to the States, but there will be risks along the way.

Never Mind, Jeff Bezos isn’t the Richest Guy in the World Anymore

We originally reported Jeff Bezos, the billionaire who founded and is the CEO of Amazon, had taken the reigns to become the richest person in the world, beating Microsoft founder Bill Gates who has held […]

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is Officially the Richest Person in the World

Remember when Microsoft founder Bill Gates was the richest person in the world? Well, that’s changed. Now, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has taken the reigns after a surge in Amazon’s shares this morning […]