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RED Will Launch the Hydrogen One on AT&T and Verizon on November 2nd

But it starts at $1,295 which is… high.


Palm Phone Launches on Verizon November 2nd for $350

After unveiling the device earlier this month, Verizon and Palm have announced the new Palm Phone will go on sale next Friday, November 2nd. The device will cost $350 if you buy it outright. On a two-year contract, it’ll run you $300. You’ll also have

Verizon Isn’t Selling the Pixel 2 Anymore

As we get closer and closer to the Pixel 3 and 3 XL’s debut next week, Google’s current flagships, the Pixel 2 and 2 XL, are beginning to phase out of the smartphone market. Evidence that supports this idea can be found over on Verizon’s

UNREAL Mobile Review (2018): Absolutely Worth It

Earlier this year, I got the chance to review FreedomPop, a carrier who offers free data plans for those on serious budgets. It came with plenty of exceptions, but it’s a good service nonetheless. Recently, one of my contacts at FreedomPop reached out and asked

Deal: Get $300 Off an LG G7 or V35 from Project Fi

Google is currently hosting a few deals over at Project Fi, and they’re pretty great. For those of you who have wanted to sign up for the service or need another line, upon instant activation, you can get a $300 discount on LG’s latest flagship

Comcast is Capping Video on Xifinity Mobile to 480p

Comcast has announced (via The Verge) it’s making a couple of changes to the way its Xfinity Mobile cell service operates. According to the Philadelphia-based company, Xfinity Mobile customers will now only be able to watch 480p video while using their cell data. In an

AT&T Introduces Unlimited Plans with New ‘WatchTV’ Bundle

AT&T today introduced the first result of its acquisition of Time Warner: two new unlimited data plans that come with a live television bundle. Called “Unlimited &More” and “Unlimited &More Premium,” the plans offer customers unlimited talk, text, and data plus a free subscription to

AT&T Now Officially Owns Time Warner

After a rough 20 month battle with the US Justice Department, AT&T has finally completed its acquisition of media giant Time Warner. The deal, valued at $85 billion, makes the carrier one of the largest media brands in the world with properties such as HBO,

Verizon and Sprint Announce Pricing for LG G7 ThinQ

Verizon and Sprint have announced their pricing and availability¬†information for LG’s newest flagship, the G7 ThinQ. This comes a couple of days after T-Mobile unveiled how much it would charge for the¬†G7 on its network. For starters, Sprint says it’ll charge $33/month for a G7

LG G7 ThinQ Will Cost $750 at T-Mobile

LG unveiled the G7 ThinQ earlier this month, and we’re now hearing how much the company’s latest flagship will cost. At T-Mobile, the phone will be priced at $30 down and $30/month, or $750. Mind you, this is $30 more than what the Samsung Galaxy

RED Will Launch the Hydrogen One on AT&T and Verizon This Summer

Last year, well-known camera maker RED announced they were making a smartphone with a holographic display. Called the Hydrogen One, the handset populated tons of media outlets’ homepages (including ours). Things have been rather hush-hush since then besides a vague preview and the announcement of