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Google Assistant Gets ‘Pretty Please’ Feature, Better List Management, and More in New Update

Google is constantly updating the Assistant, and today, the company is introducing a bunch more features that will roll out to all supported devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and smart displays. For starters, the Assistant is getting more polite. With this update, a new


Motorola One Now Getting Upgraded to Android 9 Pie

After recently releasing the device in the United States, Motorola has begun rolling out Android 9 Pie to the mid-range Motorola One smartphone. The device’s more powerful sibling, the India-exclusive Motorola One Power, is also receiving the update. Android Police was the first to spot

Google Now Lets You Use a Chromecast for Multi-Room Audio

After announcing the feature last month, Google is now rolling out an update to Chromecast users that allows them to add their devices to a speaker group in order to play music across multiple sources. All generations of Chromecast are supported by this feature. This

How to Install the Windows 10 October 2018 Update Manually

When Microsoft initially released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, it made sense because the update was released in October. Unfortunately, users ran into a problem where their files were randomly disappearing and couldn’t be recovered. This led to the company halting the rollout of

Amazon Alexa Can Now Call People Over Skype

Alongside two music streaming platforms, Amazon is adding yet another service to its list of Alexa-controllable third-party integrations. This time around, the company’s partnering with Microsoft to enable the ability to call people using Skype. Users of the feature will be able to simply say,

Google is Now Rolling Out Night Sight to All Pixel Owners

Announced alongside the Pixel 3 and 3 XL early last month, Google today confirmed it’s beginning to roll out Night Sight to all Pixel smartphone owners, including those who own a Pixel 2 and original Pixel from 2016. The feature is designed to accommodate low-light

Google Clock Now Supports Assistant Routines

Alongside a ton of updates for Smart Displays, Google has announced a new feature for its native Clock app that adds support for Google Assistant Routines. Now, when your alarm goes off in the morning, the Assistant can automatically fire off a specific Routine you

Spotify Officially Releases Apple Watch App

After beta testing the app with a select few users, Spotify has officially begun rolling out its official client for the Apple Watch. The app is available for anyone who downloads the latest version of the Spotify app for iOS to their iPhone. It should

Amazon Alexa is Now Available for Windows 10

Amazon has announced it’s beginning to roll out Alexa support for all Windows 10 users. The company previously made the voice assistant available on select few laptops and PCs in the past. But now, Amazon has released a proper Alexa app which is currently available