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Royalty45 is Here, Covering the Latest Music News in Lifestyle and Business

It’s been exactly 45 months since I started Matridox, with a vision to provide the latest technology news that would impact the lives of everyday people. Since then, the site has grown and gotten the attention of many. But I didn’t settle. In fact, I never settle. I’m always up Continue Reading

We’re Giving Away a Lenovo Smart Display for Thanksgiving! [Ended]

Hey folks! By now, you’ve probably woken up, had a cup of coffee, flicked on the parade, and put your big, juicy turkey from the local supermarket in the oven. Why? Because today’s Thanksgiving! It’s the day people spread their thanks to loved ones, friends, co-workers, bosses – well, you Continue Reading

Our Third Anniversary is Here, and So is Matridox 3.0 [w/ Giveaway!]

Three years ago, we launched the first version of Matridox known as MBEDDED. At that time, the landscape of technology reviewers and news websites was so overcrowded, it seemed impossible for us to ever make a difference in the way people consumed content. But we persevered. We wedged our way Continue Reading

Giveaway: Win One of 4 Moto Z2 & Mods Prize Packs! [Ended]

It’s the holiday season, and everyone knows it’s the time for giving and not necessarily receiving. This year, we’re on the giving side, and you better be on the receiving side because we’ve got something special in store. Thanks to our partnership with Motorola, we’re giving away four holiday prize Continue Reading

We’re Giving Away a Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR Experience with Lenovo!

Hey reader, it’s Black Friday! Time to start figuring out how to spend as much money as possible for your kiddies, nieces, nephews, husbands, wives, uncles, aunts, grandparents – you get the idea. Of course, those younger in age will be looking for something super fun to use and enjoy Continue Reading