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Our Third Anniversary is Here, and So is Matridox 3.0 [w/ Giveaway!]

Three years ago, we launched the first version of Matridox known as MBEDDED. At that time, the landscape of technology reviewers and news websites was so overcrowded, it seemed impossible for us to ever make a difference in the way people consumed content. But we


Lenovo Laptops for School [Giveaway]

In our latest video for our new YouTube channel, we’re taking a look at four Lenovo-branded laptops that would be the perfect companion for the upcoming school year. From the video: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for some reason, you know that summer

Giveaway: Win One of 4 Moto Z2 & Mods Prize Packs! [Ended]

It’s the holiday season, and everyone knows it’s the time for giving and not necessarily receiving. This year, we’re on the giving side, and you better be on the receiving side because we’ve got something special in store. Thanks to our partnership with Motorola, we’re

We’re Giving Away a Copy of Artemis by Andy Weir!

Today’s the day Andy Weir’s new novel, Artemis, lands on bookshelves around the world. Of course, many are eager to get a copy of the book, and now’s your chance to get one for free. Thanks to Crown Publishing, we’re giving away one (1) copy

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An Important Update from the Desk of Max Buondonno

Howdy readers, Max here. When we launched Matridox back in July and gave our site a total refresh, people were super excited and were so supportive of the major changes we made. However, due to technical issues with the WordPress theme we’ve selected as our

The New Matridox Swag is Here

We just re-launched our website last month (exactly a month ago, actually) and went through a total rebranding. Since we’re Matridox now, it only makes sense to share the news the way that matters: with t-shirts. Starting today, you can pick up a shirt with

The Winner of the Lenovo Yoga Book Is…

Remember a couple of weeks ago, we held a giant contest to celebrate our second anniversary for you guys to win a Lenovo Yoga Book? Whelp, today entries ended. And guess what? We have a winner! We’d like to say congratulations to Jeff G. from

We’re Giving Away a Lenovo Yoga Book!

To celebrate our second anniversary and big rebranding, we’ve teamed up with Lenovo to give away a (1) Yoga Book, a device we’ve praised again and again on our site! It comes with a 10.1-inch Full HD display, an Intel Atom x5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a custom productivity-focused

How-To: Follow Matridox on Social Media

We just refreshed our entire brand, from our name to our new website which looks really newsy. That means our social media channels have also adopted a suite of changes, including new icons and headers. Oh, and new usernames you should probably be aware of.

Why Not Slap the New Matridox Logo on Your Wrist?

We just refreshed our entire brand down to our app, website, and even name. Now, it’s time to give our official Android Wear watchface the same treatment. Via the Facer app for Android, you can sync up our new Matridox-style watchface complete with weather data,

MBEDDED is Now MBEDDED Media – Here’s Why

Today we announced our brand-new name: Matridox. It’s an iconic name that reflects our well-established technology news site that’s now been growing strong for two, long years. This ultimately meant we had to retire the previous MBEDDED branding, but then we thought, “What if you

You Can Now Slap Our Logo on Your Android Wear Watch

Smartwatches are trendy. Whether you have an Apple Watch, Moto 360, or LG Watch, there’s plenty of people out there with a computer strapped to their wrist to check notifications and get fitter. So what better way to enjoy your favorite technology news website than

MBEDDED Receives Fresh Design to Take on the Future

Whelp, we’ve reached another milestone: MBEDDED is now 20 months old and we’ve surpassed 2,000 articles published between our popular reviews, up-to-date news coverage, and special tutorials which, not to toot our own horn, are extremely popular. So to carry us on to our next

Follow Us on Instagram!

Just to add to our various social media platforms, we’ve officially launched an Instagram account! We’ve realized some people tend to get their daily news through their Instagram feed rather other platforms, so this is the main motive behind our decision to launch this extension

We’re Starting a YouTube Channel

We tend to celebrate major milestones with new announcements of services here at MBEDDED. Like for our 500th post, we decided to launch a Facebook profile so you could get the latest news whenever you wanted right in your News Feed. Or when we had

Introducing the MBEDDED Messenger Bot, Now in Beta

We here at MBEDDED believe that bots are the future of how we communicate with apps, our phones in general, and technology all around the world. They can help get things done like set appointments, email your friend, call your Mom – it’s like having a