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This White Blob in a NASA Video Could Be a UFO

So there’s another UFO rumor swirling the World Wide Web. This time, it’s in the form of a leaked NASA video of a rocket launch uploaded to YouTube by UFO Today. In the video, you’ll notice the shuttle above the Earth floating/flying around, when all


This Picture Could Depict an Alien Spacecraft on Mars

It seems every other day there’s a new photograph of the Red Planet being analyzed in search for evidence of extraterrestrial life. A new image, seen here, claims to do the same when looked at by folks around the web. However, this particular picture is

Elon Musk Previews SpaceX’s First Spacesuit

Elon Musk has posted the first photo of SpaceX’s pilot spacesuit which, yes, looks awesome. It features a pretty slim design with black accents throughout, while the helmet appears to be tinted to some degree. It’s worth noting this is a mockup, either: Musk says

NASA is Live Streaming the Total Eclipse – Watch it Here

Today’s the day the first total solar eclipse visible from a significant portion of the United States since 1918 will take place. We haven’t seen anything significant in terms of eclipses in recent memory other than the 1991 and 1979 eclipses that were visible from

This Project Blue Book Alien Interview is a Complete Hoax

A new YouTube video has gained a lot of buzz lately as it claims to depict a 1964 interview between an interrogator and an “actual” alien being held hostage. The video opens with a Project Blue Book verification screen with case numbers and a date of June 9th,

Washington Police Chase Down Alleged UFO in Video

A new video has surfaced on YouTube claiming that over 10 Washington police, FBI, and fire personnel cars were in hot pursuit of an alleged UFO sighting possibly spotted by one or all of the officials mentioned. In the video (seen below), you’ll notice various police

Weird Purple Blob May Take Years to Identify, Say Scientists

While recording an exploration, researchers aboard the EV Nautilus currently based in Victoria, British Columbia found a very strange looking purple blob-type object at the bottom of the ocean which was first brought to their attention when a crab was trying to get his claws on it. Here’s

Dolly the Sheep Has 4 Healthy Clones Says Study

Nature Communications has published a study recently conducted by scientists in the UK which has shared an update on Dolly the Sheep’s four clones that were made after she had been laid to rest 13 years ago. This study comes during the 20th anniversary of Dolly’s birthday