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Poll: What do you think of MBEDDED Maximum?

We’ve been hard at work improving MBEDDED. We’ve changed our name, redesigned our site, moved from Weebly to WordPress, expanded to other tech categories, and much, much more. But have you liked all of the changes we’ve made over our older self? Or better yet,


Notice: Our Donations Button Has Been Fixed

We’ve been noticing that users have been clicking on our Donations button, and we’re very flattered. However, we’ve begun to receive emails regarding the Donations button, with most of them stating that the button’s link was broken and they failed to send us a generous donation.

Twitter Could Extend Their Tweet Limit to 10,000 Characters

A new report has made it’s way online stating that Twitter, the multi-billion dollar social media platform, could be gearing up for one of the biggest changes in company history. In the report, there are claims that the company has an inside project they’re working

The Official MBEDDED Maximum App Just Got an Update!

Version 2.0 of the official MBEDDED Maximum app has been released! We worked really hard on trying to create an app that mimics the feel of our site along with optimizing each and every page for the best experience possible on your mobile device! Here’s

Join us today for RE:boot LIVE!

Join us today for another LIVE stream of RE:boot! This week, we’re starting our 4 week series entitled, “The Amazon Fire Tablet” where Max will be covering Amazon’s budget tablet with an unboxing, first impressions, review, and comparison to another tablet offered by the internet

The iPhone That’s Right for You

As they were announcing the new iPhone 6S, Apple revealed their new lineup of smartphones for the rest of 2015 through next September. This lineup includes the iPhone 6S/Plus, iPhone 6/Plus, and iPhone 5S. As each of these phones are practically totally different, it may

Apple Has Their Own Battery Case for the iPhone

You would never know about this unless you visited Apple’s website and looked up this product’s name, but apparently, Apple today released their first official battery case for the iPhone 6/s, and they call it the “iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case”, because it’s obviously “smart”

Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 is Here

Android Marshmallow users are due for an update today: Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 is beginning to roll out first to Nexus devices as OTA updates and as factory images. Other devices will begin to receive the update as well as soon as the manufacturer pushes it,

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KGI’s Spreading More 4-inch iPhone Rumors (Oh Yeah!)

Another day, another set of 4-inch iPhone rumors… A new report was released today by KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable source with a good track record of what or when, stating that Apple’s much-anticipated 4-inch iPhone will “resemble an upgraded iPhone 5S”, but will get some new

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4 inch “iPhone 6C” Looks Even More Likely to Happen in New Report

A new report has come out by Chinese website TechWeb [Google Translate] (via GforGames) claiming Apple’s rumored “iPhone 6c” could feature a colorful metal design and Touch ID, lack 3D Touch and launch in February 2016, which correspond with previous rumors which stated that the 4 inch iPhone will be released in