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Instagram Now Lets You Share IGTV Videos in Your Story

Instagram has begun rolling out a new feature to its iOS and Android mobile apps that will allow users to share virtually any IGTV video to their Story. No, you can’t share the entire video to your Story in the form of multiple submissions, but


Shazam Now Lets You Share Songs to Instagram Stories

Following in SoundCloud and Spotify‘s footsteps, Shazam has announced an update for its mobile apps that will allow users to share songs discovered using the app to their Instagram Story. The feature is already going live for iOS users. Meanwhile, those on Android will need

Instagram Now Lets You Send GIFs in Direct

Instagram has announced a new update it’s rolling out to its mobile app that allows users to share GIFs to friends within its Direct messaging section. Now, instead of being forced to send text, photos, or videos, you can send a GIF using Giphy integration

Instagram Makes it Easier to Shop in its App

Instagram is taking further steps today to make shopping in its mobile app easier for users. According to the social media network, it’s adding a new Shopping tab in Explore that lets users see products brands are selling using the existing shopping tools available for

Facebook’s Navigation Bar is Getting Personalized

Facebook has begun rolling out an update to its iOS and Android apps that makes the platform’s navigation bar a bit more personal. According to the company, with the new update, the bar will dynamically change which shortcuts are listed based on which areas of

Instagram Now Lets You Know When Your Friend’s Online

Instagram has announced it’s rolling out a new feature that lets you know when your friends are active on the platform. Starting today, you’ll see a little green dot sitting next to their profile picture in various spots around the app, including in your DMs,

Instagram Stories Gains New Music Sticker

Instagram is updating its apps yet again with the ability to add music to your Story. The company has released a new sticker that allows you to sift through a library of music and choose a song to include in a photo or video post.

Facebook Introduces New Memories Page

Facebook today announced it’s adding a dedicated Memories page to your account os you can view things you post in the past like photos, videos, and more. You’ll also see major life events, friends you’ve made, and other content in the page which will help