Google Assistant Can Now Recognize Songs

For whatever reason, Google Now has reigned supreme when compared to the new Google Assistant in one regard for quite some time: song recognition. Whereas the former can perform the function, the latter never gained the ability. However, it now appears this is changing as Google is now updating the Assistant Continue Reading


Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE Can Now Stream Apple Music

Apple today released an update to watchOS that allows users of the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE to stream Apple Music content directly on your wrist without the need for your phone. The update, shipping in version 4.1 of watchOS, can be downloaded by going to the Watch app Continue Reading

Apple Music is Now Integrated into Facebook Messenger

Facebook is now rolling out a new extension to all Messenger users that allows them to share music from the streaming service Apple Music, as reported by Engadget. Members can search for a listen to full songs in the messaging service, while those who aren’t subscribed can still hear 30-second clips Continue Reading

Spotify Will Soon Fully Integrate with the Google Assistant

Spotify has announced that its music service will soon fully integrate with the Google Assistant. Previously, users could control music playback with the Google Home, but now, Spotify will soon be controllable via any device with the Assistant on board, including all Android devices. Today, we’re excited to announce that Continue Reading

Microsoft is Replacing Groove Music with Spotify

Microsoft has announced that it’s replacing its Groove Music streaming service with one of the leaders in the industry, Spotify. This comes the same day as the company also announces the discontinuation of Groove Music in favor of other music streaming platforms such as Spotify. The company had the following Continue Reading

Amazon’s Music App for iOS and Android Now Includes Alexa

Amazon today announced the integration of its voice assistant, Alexa, into its Amazon Music apps for iOS and Android. Simply updating the apps will gain users the option of controlling their music with their voice by tapping the push-to-talk button in the app. By doing so, you can ask for music Continue Reading

Apple Music for Android Updated with Voice Control, Social Profiles

Apple has given a pretty major update to Apple Music for Android. With version 2.2 of the app, users can now control the music streaming service with their voice thanks to integration with Google Now and the Assistant. Now, you can say, “Okay Google, play Beats 1 in Apple Music” Continue Reading

Apple is No Longer Hosting its Annual Apple Music Festival

Apple is no longer hosting its annual Apple Music Festival formally known as the iTunes Festival, as reported by Music Business Worldwide. The UK-based event last took place last year and hosted artists including Elton John, Chance the Rapper, The 1975, Michael Bublé, Brittany Spears, and One Republic. Now, the concert Continue Reading

Amazon Music Unlimited is Now $4.99/Month for Students

Spotify and Apple Music have been both offering eligible students discounts on their music services, and now Amazon is jumping on the same bandwagon. As first spotted by TechCrunch, Prime Student members can now subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, originally announced last October, for $4.99/month rather the full $9.99/month subscription Continue Reading

Amazon Now Lets You Group Multiple Echos to Play Music Everywhere

Amazon is rolling out a new software feature to its line of Alexa-powered Echo smart speakers that allows you to group multiple of them together and stream music simultaneously. For example, if you have three Echos upstairs and would like to play music from all of them at the same Continue Reading

Samsung’s Bixby to Gain Spotify Integration Later This Year

During Samsung’s event today in New York to unveil the Galaxy Note 8, the company said Spotify integration with its voice assistant, Bixby, would arrive later this year. Considering how many times Bixby itself was delayed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see consumers waiting a pretty long time before this Continue Reading

Facebook Messenger Can Now Suggest Spotify Songs in Your Chat Threads

Facebook has updated its chatting app Messenger to include better Spotify integration. Its virtual assistant, known as M, can now suggest songs and artists to stream if you begin talking about music with your friends in a chat thread. For instance, mention Luis Fonsi and M will probably want to play Continue Reading

Spotify for Xbox One Now Available

Today, Spotify officially launched its app for Xbox One. This allows users of the music streaming service to log in with their free or premium subscription and enjoy their favorite tunes while gaming. Starting today, Spotify is available on Xbox One in 34 markets* around the world. The new integration Continue Reading

You Can Now Save Your Own Jams for Offline Listening in YouTube Music

Google has updated its YouTube Music app to more closely integrate with the perks you get by subscribing to YouTube Red. Rather having the ability to only save mixtapes populated by your listening history, the app now lets you choose specific songs, artists, and albums to download from YouTube for Continue Reading

You Can Now Use Google Play Music with Apple CarPlay

As first reported by 9to5Mac, Google has updated its Play Music app for iOS that allows the app to work with Apple’s CarPlay. This means you can play music through the service and have it outputted to your CarPlay-enabled vehicle. The same goes for other streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Continue Reading