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Original “Star Wars” Trilogy Will Be Back in Theaters This Summer

Rejoice, original Star Wars lovers! According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, the first three films in the world famous sci-fi saga will be screened in select Alamo Drafthouse theaters in 20 cities this August across the USA. These films consist of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of


Report: Spider-Man Solo Film Title Leaked

According to a report by BBC, Marvel’s new Spider-Man film starring Tom Holland as the web-slinger could be called Spider-Man: Homecoming if a newly registered domain is of any indication. Apparently, “” was just registered by Sony, the studio which will make the upcoming film possible,

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Made Ted Cruz Cry

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel had Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz on his late night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!” where the host asked the White House-hopeful about current oppressing matters such as Donald Trump’s recent comments about… everything. However, it’s never just serious conversation with