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Lenovo’s Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Now Supports Multiplayer

Lenovo’s awesome Droid-slaying AR kit, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, has received a free update for both iOS and Android users. Backed by overwhelming demand, the app now lets two players battle each other in a […]

Xiaomi’s Black Shark is the Razer Phone’s Biggest Competition

Xiaomi has announced a brand-new phone aimed at the gaming market. Called the Black Shark, the device packs a ton of high-end specs which puts it up against arguably the largest competitor in the gaming […]

Sony’s Upcoming Spider-Man Game for PS4 Arrives September 7th

It’s been nearly a year since we last heard of Sony’s new PlayStation 4-exclusive Spider-Man video game. We first caught glimpse of the Marvel title last year during E3 when a nine-minute snippet of gameplay […]

Google is Bringing Instant Apps to Games on Android

Today at Google’s Developer Day at the Game Developers Conference, the company announced it would soon allow app developers to include a version of its Instant Apps platform for Android games. The company is giving the […]

Nintendo to Bring Mario Kart to Phones By Early Next Year

If you just read the title of this article, you probably think you’re dreaming. I mean, Mario Kart is one of the biggest Super Mario titles to ever hit the market and seems to have […]

Lenovo Legion Y920 Review: Just a Beast

Lenovo’s latest entry into the gaming laptop industry is an absolute mammoth, but you won’t regret it if you buy it.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is Now Available for Preorder

Microsoft today opened pre-orders for its Xbox One X gaming console. After doing the same thing but for the special Project Scorpio edition a month ago, the company’s most powerful Xbox to date can be […]

Minecraft for Nintendo 3DS is Now Available for Download

After launching the game for the first time on a Nintendo-branded device, Minecraft for 3DS has officially landed and is available for download. The game costs $29.99, while a retail package will be available likely […]

Microsoft Teases Upcoming Light Theme for Xbox One

During gamescom 2017, Microsoft teased an element of the upcoming Fall Creators Update for the Xbox One: a light theme. The new mode may be favored by those who are tired of the consistent dark […]

Special Edition Xbox One S with Minecraft Makeover Now Available for Pre-Order

During gamescom 2017, Microsoft debuted the special edition Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition which gives the console and its controller a green and brown-block makeover. The controll sports a face smack in the middle, while […]

Microsoft Opens Pre-Orders for Xbox One X w/ Special Project Scorpio Design

Announced at gamescom 2017, Microsoft has opened pre-orders for its Xbox One X gaming console. The device was originally introduced in June during E3 where the company dubbed it the “most powerful console ever made.” So […]

Nintendo’s Super NES Classic is Here, Packs 21 Games for $79.99

Last year, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition retro console which shipped with 30 built-in games and became a pretty big smash hit. That is, until Nintendo gave it the ax earlier this year. But never […]

Super Mario Odyssey Launches October 27th

During E3 2017, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Odyssey, one of the upcoming Super Mario-branded video game titles for Nintendo Switch, will land October 27th. The company also gave excited fans another trailer for the […]

Sony Surprises the World with First Gameplay Video of Upcoming Spider-Man PS4 Title

During their E3 2017 conference, Sony debuted the first 9-minute gameplay video from their upcoming Spider-Man video game arriving as an exclusive to the PlayStation 4. It’s been more than a decade since the web slinger has […]

Microsoft Brings Backward Compatibility to Classic Xbox Games

Last year during E3, Microsoft announced backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games so they’d work with the Xbox One console. This year during the very same conference, the company has announced the same feature, but […]

Minecraft is Getting a Major 4K Update This Fall

Minecraft creator Mojang today took the stage during the Xbox One X E3 2017 briefing to announce a major new update to the game called the “Better Together Update”. For one, cross-platform gameplay is now […]

Microsoft’s Xbox One X Aims to Be the “Most Powerful Console Ever Made”

Today during E3, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X. The console is based on the company’s previous Project Scorpio ambition that aimed to create the “most powerful console ever made.” As it appears now, it […]

Out of Absolutely Nowhere, Nintendo Unveils the 2DS XL

For whatever reason and out of absolutely nowhere, Nintendo has announced a new portable gaming system: the 2DS XL. This console is the bigger brother to the standard 2DS which features all the same element […]

Best Buy Will Resurrect the Nintendo NES Classic Edition Tomorrow

Just ten days ago, Nintendo officially killed off the NES Classic Edition. But that doesn’t mean stock of the retro gaming console has depleted. In a tweet today from Best Buy’s official Twitter account, the […]

Target to Give More Than 650 Stores a Mario Kart Makeover

Target announced this week that they plan to give more than 650 of their retail stores a Mario Kart makeover. This comes as the outlet celebrates the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch title Mario Kart […]