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Ford is Giving Up on Cars in North America

Everything but the Mustang and an unannounced Focus “Active” will go.


Porsche Now Lets You Swap Cars for $2,000/Month

Porsche today is introducing a new subscription service called Porsche Passport which enables anyone to pay a set fee each month to drive a selection of sports vehicles and SUVs at a moment’s notice. Users can select their car through a free iOS or Android

Porche Just Dropped a Car at E3 2017

The feature car on the cover of Forza 7 launching alongside the Xbox One X is the Porche 911 GT2 RS. This car wasn’t known about until today when the company dropped the automobile right onstage during the Xbox E3 2017 briefing. Fans in the audience

Tesla Will Unveil the Finished Model 3 This Summer

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, basically went on a Twitter spree today and answered some questions fans had for him. In the process, the visionary confirmed that his company will unveil the final Model 3 come July. We expect more details on the $35,000 offering around this timeframe,

Tesla Motors is Now Just Tesla

As tweeted by CNBC, Tesla Motors has today announced their name change to, simply, Tesla Inc. Sure, the company is known for making cars of the future, but the change better reflects other efforts they’re making such as solar energy, home batteries, and more which

New Committee Will Guide the Evolution of Self-Driving Cars

As time progresses and automated technology becomes mainstream, establishing ground rules and regulations will need to take place in order to make sure everything stays in tact. That’s the purpose of the US Department of Transportation’s new committee they’ve announced today. In the new committee, guidance for

You Can Now Request and Pay For an Uber in Google Maps

As a part of its latest update, Google Maps has revamped the current ride sharing interface initially introduced last year. Now, you’ll see more extensive ride options in your area, a carousal of different providers, and even a classic view of the Google Maps map with