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You Can Now Buy Audiobooks from Google Play

Announced in a blog post today, Google has begun selling audiobooks from its Play Store. The introduction of audiobooks at Google Play brings with it an easier way for those in the Google ecosystem to […]


Book Review: Artemis by Andy Weir [Spoiler-Free]

Andy Weir’s newest novel places a city on the Moon and aims to be as accurate as possible.

We’re Giving Away a Copy of Artemis by Andy Weir!

Today’s the day Andy Weir’s new novel, Artemis, lands on bookshelves around the world. Of course, many are eager to get a copy of the book, and now’s your chance to get one for free. […]

cBooks; An Exciting New Story Platform.

From our guest writers at cBooks. Not a sponsored post. Imagine an ebook where you can access a character’s backstory, inner thoughts and motivations in the normal way but you can also see and hear […]

Andy Weir’s Sophomore Novel About Crimes on the Moon Will Land This November

We’ve known for quite some time that The Martian author Andy Weir was working on his next novel. It was revealed last year that the book would be scientifically accurate much like The Martian was […]