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The Best New iOS Apps, Summer 2018

Sometimes it’s nice to have a snapshot in time to keep track of the flow of apps. There are so many new apps released on such a continual basis that some of the most exciting […]

cBooks; An Exciting New Story Platform.

From our guest writers at cBooks. Not a sponsored post. Imagine an ebook where you can access a character’s backstory, inner thoughts and motivations in the normal way but you can also see and hear […]

How data and technology will democratize big internet’s secret weapon

Photo via: CNN By Jason Tan, The patent for Amazon’s “Buy now with 1-click®” technology expires in September of this year. Launched in 1997, 1-click set a new standard for online retail, generating insane […]

Meet the First Augmented Reality App that Lets You ‘Own The Sky’

By Rishab Jain, Co-founder and CEO of the Skrite app Is the sky really the limit? That’s the questions the founder of Skrite set out to answer when brainstorming an idea for a new social […]

Is Video Surveillance Keeping Us Secure?

Americans are being spied on all the time – whether they think about it or not. Pump gas? A camera is watching. Go to the ATM? The transaction is captured on video. Run a red […]

Where in the World are the Most Popular Messaging Apps?

Whether you’re in the U.S., Australia, China or France, you can chat with somebody on the other side of the world at the drop of a hat. All you need is a smartphone and internet […]

3 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Flashing Your Amazing Smile

The Consumer Guide to Dentistry lists eight different components of a smile, practically from ear to ear, beginning with the frame (lips) and ending with the buccal corridor (that’s the dark space between the corners […]

Innovate Or Perish: Businesses That Stand Still Stand To Lose

It’s often said that all it takes to change a person’s life – or the life of a business – is one big idea. While it’s true that many individuals and businesses have gone a […]

App uses Siri-like platform to take the paperwork out of personal budgeting

COMPILING personal and household budgets has long been a laborious task, juggling bank statements with paper bills, receipts and pay slips. But an app developed in South Australia is helping users streamline the process by […]

‘Revolutionary’ visual effects tool released on iPhones

South Australian company Cospective developed cineSync for the film industry to edit and synchronise high-resolution footage in real-time in 2006. Now the company has revamped the program to be compatible with iPhones and iPads so […]

Software Testing: The Significance of Quality Assurance [Sponsored]

What’s the point in having testers if we have such talented and skilled developers, right? A lot of software developing companies may think so, but in reality – we all make mistakes and developers are […]

Hidden Value Of Keylogger Software You Never Knew About [Sponsored]

Few apps in the world are as controversial as keylogger software solutions. Why? Because people are not that fond of somebody spying on their online activities. We don’t seem to have the same problem with […]

Tune To HBO Go With VPN Technologies [Sponsored]

In this article you will read handy information on HBO Go VPN and find, so to say, a surviving kit for non-residents of the United States of America. Read further. It might help you, if […]

Are Chatbots the future of learning languages? Comparing the Duolingo Chatbot with Mondly

Presented by Mondly. Download Mondly today on iOS and Android. They say that learning a new language is best done through practice.  Practice is what builds your confidence to interact and eventually hold a conversation […]

World Renowned Hypnotist Discovers The Secret Hypnosis Tactics Apple Won’t Confess To

Professional Hypnotist Richard Barker has recently examined the pattern and process APPLE uses to tease the public with their products. In a timely way, Apple are scheduled for the release of a new MacBook and Barker […]

Using Technology To Help Spark Collaboration In The Workplace

Contributed by: Ronnie Blair, Senior Creative Director of EMSI Public Relations Provided by: Zonopact Inc. Most businesses recognize that employee collaboration is a must for a productive and efficient workplace. But many companies aren’t set up properly […]