Samsung unveils Galaxy Buds Pro with its ‘best audio experience yet’


Today during its Unpacked event, Samsung revealed its new Galaxy Buds Pro. The earbuds sit at the top of their lineup above the Galaxy Buds, Buds Plus, and Buds Live. They offer the most premium features Samsung can deliver in a set of earbuds, and they’ll go on sale January 15th for $199.

The new buds offer a fresh design that Samsung says seals in your ear much better than past versions of Galaxy Buds. This creates a more immersive soundstage since you’ll have minimized gaps between your ear canal and the bud itself. The company uses an 11mm woofer and a 6.5mm tweeter to deliver sound which it touts as dynamic and balanced. It’s Samsung’s “best audio experience yet,” but only real-world usage will determine that.

Samsung also makes significant improvements in terms of microphones and call quality. The company utilizes three different mics and a Voice Pickup Unit (VPU) to make your speech clearer. It also has what Samsung’s calling “Wind Shield technology.” Essentially, this blocks wind like it would block noise so people can still hear you if you’re in a windy environment.

The mics are also used for active noise cancellation. Samsung gives you granular control over how much noise you want to cancel, and it’ll let you amplify the sounds around you so you’re not tuned out of the world when wearing the Galaxy Buds Pro. There’s also a neat feature where if you start talking to someone, it’ll amplify sounds around you automatically.

One feature that many people will be familiar with is Samsung’s 3D Audio powered by Dolby Head Tracking technology. It’s extremely similar to Apple’s Spatial Audio by tracking your head movements and adjusting sound accordingly. It basically emulates a surround sound system in a movie theater. Apple’s AirPods Pro got high praise when it came to Spatial Audio, so it’ll be interesting to see if Samsung can achieve the same.

Rounding things off, Samsung says the Buds Pro can switch between Galaxy devices seamlessly, you get eight hours of usage on a single charge and an extra 20 thanks to the case, IPX7 certification makes then extremely water resistant, and you can find your earbuds if you misplace them by using the new SmartThings Find app.

Samsung will sell the Galaxy Buds Pro in three colors: Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Violet.

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