Samsung debuts Galaxy SmartTag to track your stuff for $29.99

Samsung has announced its own version of the famous Tile trackers. Called the Galaxy SmartTag, the device does exactly what you think: it lets you track your stuff in an app in case you lose it.

According to the company, Galaxy SmartTags use the new SmartThings app to be located. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to ping information about its location to you and other users of the app in case you need help finding something. One feature missing from the standard SmartTag is Ultra Wideband (UWB) which can give you much more precise location data. It will ship in the SmartTag Plus which launches later this year, but it’s odd that Samsung left it out of the standard version.

Another oddity is the fact you have to own a Galaxy phone to use a SmartTag. Samsung won’t be opening the SmartThings Find app to any other users besides those who use the company’s products, so if you thought this was a true competitor to Tile, think again.

Samsung will charge $29.99 for each individual SmartTag and will sell some bundles so you can more than one in a box. The SmartTag Plus will cost $39.99.

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