Check out Razer’s futuristic mask with voice projection and RGB lighting

Crazy things always emerge at CES, and the 2021 online-only show is no excuse. In the age of COVID-19, it was inevitable that we saw new technology surrounding face masks. Enter Razer, who has cooked up a concept mask called Project Hazel that looks insanely futuristic.

The smart mask is made of scratch-proof recycled plastic and is completely waterproof, according to the company. It has two round ventilators on the left and right sides for filtration, and the plastic covering your mouth is transparent so people can see your mouth move when you talk. It also has lights inside the mask to illuminate your mouth at night. Razer says the mask offers the same protection as N95 mask and can filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles, including COVID-19.

Obviously, with hard shell plastic covering your mouth, your voice will become pretty muffled. That’s where the “smart” portion of Project Hazel comes in. Razer says it’s working with THX to develop a voice projection system to make it much louder and clearer when you talk while wearing the mask. It’s currently patent pending.

Another smart element of Project Hazel is making it easy to clean the ventilators. Razer offers replaceable disc-type ventilators that can be sanitized of bacteria using the mask’s UV light-enabled case. Think of it as one of those fancy phone soaps that grew in popularity at the beginning of the pandemic. The case also cleans and recharges the mask itself.

Razer offers ear loops that can be custom fitted to ensure a secure fit, while silicon lines the outside of the mask for comfort and proper air cooling and regulation. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Razer included RGB lights on the ventilators that can display whatever color you want. Y’know, just in case you wanted to look like you were wearing a gas mask in the year 3000.

The entire concept of Project Hazel is pretty cool, and it’ll be neat to see if any of it pans out. Right now, Razer doesn’t have any certifications from the CDC, FDA, or other organization. It also doesn’t have a ballpark price, potential release date, or a production version of the product. Everything’s up in the air until some point in the future, so there’s no telling how long it might take for Razer to get it on the market.

Still, it’s a really neat idea and one that I’d be interested to see pan out into a consumer device.

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