LG’s latest wacky TV concept is a transparent OLED screen that lives in your bedroom


Every year at CES, manufacturers almost seemingly attempt to one-up each other with crazy TV technology. It’s almost never in terms of the overall experience of your TV, however, just the actual screen portion. When I went to Las Vegas two years ago to cover CES 2019, I watched the company unveil its rollable TV which later went on sale for a whopping $87,000. This year? A 55-inch transparent OLED television (via The Verge).

LG doesn’t have a name for this TV, but it doesn’t need one since it’ll likely never go on sale. It’s more so a proof of concept, and the company seems pretty proud of it.

Like I said, it’s a 55-inch OLED panel you can see through. LG says it would be well suited in a bedroom right at the foot of your bed. The TV can slide up from its housing partially to show limited information (e.g. weather, sleep quality, alarms), and it can of course extend out completely so you can enjoy some entertainment before hitting the sack. As for audio, there are speakers built into the frame which apparently boast the company’s “Sound Solution technology,” whatever that means.

Of course, the luxurious television isn’t limited to just your sleeping quarters. LG says you could also find such a device anywhere in your home or at a public place like a restaurant. Right now, everything’s sort of an experiment, so the exact use case for a transparent OLED TV has yet to be determined.

My initial reaction? I’m kind of into it. Any time I’m in a hotel, I struggle to see the TV since it’s usually far from the bed and my eyesight isn’t the greatest. Having it right at the foot of my bed would be great, and being able to see everything behind it sounds like a great idea in concept. I guess I’d have to see the TV in person to get a proper feel for it, something that likely won’t happen until at least next year so long as CES is in person and LG brings it with them to their booth.

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