Could the small phone finally make a comeback thanks to iPhone 12 mini?


Apple held a virtual keynote last week where the company unveiled a lineup of four new iPhones. In this piece, I’d like to talk about one of those devices, in particular the iPhone 12 mini.

This phone is unlike anything Apple has released in recent memory. Historically, the company has released larger and larger phones. Outside of last year, every September Apple has released a phone with a larger screen. This year, we got an iPhone with a 6.7-inch panel, the largest ever on an Apple smartphone. But to coincide with it, we got this tiny phone with a screen that’s smaller than the original iPhone X.

The iPhone 12 mini boasts a display measuring 5.4-inches diagonally, making its physical size smaller than the iPhone SE which has a 4.7-inch screen. The display is 0.4-inches smaller than the X which was already a great one-handed device. I can only imagine the mini being even more one handed-friendly.

All the while, Apple kept the same specs from the iPhone 12. You still get an OLED panel, the A14 Bionic processor, dual rear cameras, MagSafe, stereo speakers, Face ID, and the new design with flat edges. The company’s just asking you to pick a size: 5.4-inches or 6.1-inches.

That leads me to wondering whether we might see the compact/small flagship phone make a return across the market. When Apple does something different, competitors usually take note and introduce their own version of it. The Cupertino company is very influential that way. It could make sense to see a whole slew of miniature phones pop up from various different companies.

It’s also not like there isn’t demand for smaller phones. Many people in the tech world have been begging companies to create high-end phones that come in smaller sizes. That’s why so many reviewers praised the Pixel 4a when it came out. It offers a nice, compact form factor while the rest of the industry pushes towards tablet-replacement territory.

Plus, sometimes you just don’t need a big phone. On weekends, I like to use my Pixel 4a because of how small it is while still offering enough performance, battery life, and endurance to pull me through. Then, when the week begins and I need a bit more horsepower, my SIM goes right back in my Pixel 4 XL.

I could definitely see myself sticking with the iPhone 12 mini. The size of the iPhone SE is perfect for one-handed operation, so having one with a more modern display and better specs could only translate to a fantastic experience for fans of small phones.

If you’re not into small phones, I wouldn’t worry. Phones will continue to get bigger and push more boundaries as time progresses. But if you’ve been on the hunt for a small phone with powerful internals, the iPhone 12 mini might just be the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the future holds.

We’ll just have to wait to find out.

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