Google releases October 2020 security patches for Pixel phones


Google has begun rolling out the October 2020 security patch to Pixel phone owners. The update marks the first update to Android 11 since it was released last month.

The October 2020 security patch fixes a lot of bugs and security flaws under the hood for a vast majority of Android users. If you’re a Pixel phone owner, however, you’ll be getting some much needed improvements. Google notes improved auto-brightness for devices dating back to the Pixel 3, better touch sensitivity with screen protectors for the Pixel 4a, a fix for devices that get stuck while booting up, and more. Read all of their improvement notes below.

For a lot of people, I’m sure the auto brightness fix will be much appreciated. I’ve noticed issues with the feature on my Pixel 4a and 4 XL, so it’s nice that Google is finally addressing it.

The patch is rolling out worldwide to Pixel phone owners now. If you have a phone from another brand, you may have to wait a while for the update. On the bright side, it looks like some of Samsung’s devices are already getting it.

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