Microsoft is promising three years of Surface Duo software upgrades


Historically, Android devices have been known to sport unimpressive software upgrade track records. Just a couple of years ago, the best flagship Android phones you could get were only ever guaranteed two major OS upgrades and a handful of security updates afterward. Nowadays, things are improving with both Samsung and Google promising at least three full years of major OS upgrades on their respective devices. Now, Microsoft is joining that list with the Surface Duo.

The company has confirmed to various news outlets that the Duo will receive OS and security updates for three years. That means, technically, the device could/should get upgraded to Android 14. Of course, the device will also get various Microsoft-centric updates in terms of the included apps and launcher.

For a $1,400 gadget, it’s nice to see Microsoft committing to such a longer software support schedule. Admittedly, not many people will be buying the Duo because a) the price tag and b) it’s a first-gen product. Still, if this is any indication of what Microsoft plans to do with future Android phones, consumers should be very happy.

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