Apple is now letting anyone test watchOS 7 before it’s released


Historically, Apple has only allowed registered developers to test watchOS betas on their Apple Watches. I’m not sure why, but it likely has to do with the risks you have to take in order to install a beta. You risk bricking your watch much more than you do an iPhone or iPad with an iOS/iPadOS beta, and if you do brick it, you have to take it to an Apple store to get it fixed. Naturally, you don’t want the general public participating in a program like that since you’ll see a huge influx of people accidentally creating paper weights out of Apple Watches.

But I guess something’s changed. Apple has announced that anyone can now test watchOS betas through the Apple Beta Software Program. The program is open to the general public and simply requires you to sign up with your Apple ID and install a beta profile on your device. Now, you can test watchOS 7 before it gets released to everyone else this fall.

In case you’re wondering, watchOS 7 includes sleep tracking, some new fitness activities and watch faces, a new Maps app, a washing-your-hands timer, and more. If you’re interested in any of those features and want to test them on your watch now, click here. Just don’t hold me or Matridox accountable if your device doesn’t work like it normally does.

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