Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge will finally start rolling out

During its annual Build developer conference today, Microsoft announced its Chromium-based version of the Edge browser will begin to roll out to general consumers very soon. It seems that the update will coincide with the release of the Windows 10 May 2020 update which is expected to land later this month. Chromium Edge has been available since January, but it’s never rolled out as an update for anyone besides beta testers. The roll-out will likely occur through the Microsoft Store since updates won’t be delivered through Windows Update.

Coinciding with the “launch” of Edge, Microsoft has a few new upgrades for the browser. The company is bringing Pinterest integration to the Collections feature which will give you recommendations from around the web it thinks you should take note of. You’ll also be able to export your collections to Pinterest, if that’s your speed.

A new sidebar will also roll out soon that will let you search the web for something without having to open a whole new tab, therefore keeping you focused on the task at hand. Microsoft is also upgrading the Bing experience to work better with work accounts, while WebView2 (an alternative to the aging EdgeHTML WebView) support is entering preview stages so developers can take advantage of it in their apps.

Not all of these updates will begin shipping immediately, but expect them to trickle out over time.

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