There’s a way to get your Google Pixel 4 to record 4K 60fps video


Google’s Pixel 4 and 4 XL got the most amount of mixed reviews that I’ve seen in a while in terms of modern flagship smartphones. They’re both such polarizing phones that they divided more people than I’m sure Google was anticipating. One of the big reasons for this is, despite still photography being fantastic, the phones can’t capture video in 4K at 60 frames per second. They have the necessary hardware, but oddly enough, Google didn’t include the necessary software.

That’s where FiLMiC Pro comes in. In a new update, the app has added support for 4K 60fps video capture with the Pixel 4. The app is known for providing granular manual controls for those who want to further fine-tune their photographs. It’s nice to see that despite Google not including the video standard, there are still ways to get it on your device, even though it may mean paying $14.99 for a third-party camera app.


* Support for FiLMiC Remote for Android (Beta).
* Support for Anamorphic 1.55X lenses.
* Pixel 4: Support for 4K/60fps.
* Histogram performance optimizations.
* Stability improvements.

The update is now rolling out for all users of FiLMiC Pro. You can download it on the Play Store.

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