Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro is chunky


Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro will begin shipping out to a majority of customers this week after pre-orders went up last week. Some publications and buyers have received the keyboard already, with multiple outlets offering reviews on the device. If there’s one takeaway from this, it’s the fact that we now know the Magic Keyboard is quite heavy.

According to a MacRumors reader (via 9to5Mac), the Magic Keyboard for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro weighs 710 grams. For reference, the iPad itself weighs 641 grams. Together, it’s 1351 grams which is more than the 13-inch MacBook Air. I don’t have stats on the 11-inch model yet, but I plan on collecting them myself once my unit comes in.

What does this mean? Well, if you wanna buy a Magic Keyboard, it means you shouldn’t expect it to be thin and light. This thing is built to last, and it seems that it might be worth it’s asking price because of that. Again, I have to get my unit in before saying anything factual about it, but I’m pretty confident it’ll be one of Apple’s more popular accessories.

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