Apple iPhone 12 Pro will reportedly have an iPad-like design with flat sides and sharp curves


Apple’s iPhone 12 series is back in the rumor mill, and today’s report is an important one. That’s because it comes from Bloomberg who, like clockwork, reveal certain features of upcoming Apple products well before they ship with impressive accuracy. We’ve reached the point in the iPhone 12’s rumor cycle that these types of reports will begin hitting the interwebs, so get ready for more leaks to come.

Anyway, Bloomberg‘s report claims something that’s been heavily rumored to take effect come the release of the iPhone 12: a design similar to the iPhone 4. Bloomberg compares the new design to the iPad Pro from 2018 which received flat sides and sharp curves instead of rounded and tapered sides and corners. The iPhone 12 Pro (a presumed name, mind you) will get a very similar form factor, although it makes more sense to call this a modern iPhone 4 since the sides will be stainless steel and the front and back will be made of glass. Speaking of which, both panes of glass will be flat with the potential for a slight curve down the sides of the display.

The successor to the iPhone 11 Pro Max will get a display slightly larger than the 6.5-inch panel on the 2019 phone, according to Bloomberg. On both 2020 iPhone Pro models, the notch will get smaller and the triple back cameras will gain a LiDAR sensor, much like the 2020 iPad Pro did. Meanwhile, there will be two devices that will succeed the iPhone 11. However, Bloomberg doesn’t mention any new features for either handset other than the fact they’ll ship with just two cameras on the back.

In addition, all four 2020 iPhones will get a new processor featuring a “significant upgrade” over last year’s A13 Bionic. It’ll draw emphasis on AR performance, obviously (the phones will have LiDAR for a reason), but it looks like the A14 chip (or whatever Apple calls it) will get a pretty nice performance boost year over year.

Of course, with the current worldwide pandemic that is the coronavirus, Apple will be facing some challenges to get its next iPhone series produced. Bloomberg says the company is navigating the plague by slowing down its China-based supply chain in addition to limiting travel. Because of this, there’s a chance the iPhone 12’s shipping time frame will get bucked. However, the Cupertino company still intends on finalizing its plans in China next month before mass production, so there’s a chance the devices will still come out in mid-to-late September like every year.

Oh, and just for giggles and grins, Bloomberg name-dropped the MacBook Pro, Apple TV, low-end iPad, and iMac in the report when it said the devices will see refreshes in 2020. No other details were mentioned regarding any of the devices.

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