Here are the features reportedly coming in Apple’s watchOS 7 update


Apple is expected to overhaul its lineup of operating systems at WWDC 2020 in June, and yesterday, we got new details on one of those releases thanks to a report out of 9to5Mac.

According to the report, Apple’s watchOS 7 upgrade for the Apple Watch will come with a variety of new features that are all noteworthy. For starters, it looks like sleep tracking will finally come to the Apple Watch. The feature has been rumored for a number of months now, so it’s nice to hear it’ll finally start shipping. It’ll integrate with the Health app and let you set a sleep goal in hopes of achieving better sleep.

As with every new watchOS release, watchOS 7 will also deliver new watch faces. There will be a new Infograph Pro face that will feature a tachymeter to measure speed and distance over time. You’ll also be able to customize your own watch face and share it with your friends, although you’ll only be able to do this with Apple’s own faces. Yet another generation of watchOS will likely come to fruition without proper third-party watch face support, and that kind of sucks.

You’ll also be able to utilize shared albums of photos for watch faces in watchOS 7.

9to5Mac also says the update will enable a new kids mode for Apple Watches. Basically, this will give parents the option to buy their child an Apple Watch, pair it to their iPhone without the need for a secondary phone, and set it up with parental controls and trusted contacts. The new feature will also bring Schooltime to the Apple Watch which will let parants manage which apps and complications are accessible during a set number of hours, such as the hours when your child is at school.

Rounding things off, watchOS 7 is expected to ship with two new controls for Control Center: Sleep tracking and Noise detection. Apps will also get a new architecture that won’t require them to be based on extensions of iPhone apps – they’ll be totally standalone, solely based on your Watch.

watchOS 7, if it’s like every other major watchOS release, will begin shipping to customers this fall after a beta process.

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