iOS 14 will reportedly include a ton of new features, like a new homescreen

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9to5Mac keeps leaking things. Throughout yesterday, the publication surfaced a variety of new features that will reportedly make their way to Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 update. Somehow, they’ve gained access to the software’s code which has led to the discovery of several new changes and improvements.

One of the biggest and most ground-breaking features is the new homescreen. No, Apple isn’t doing away with the static array of icons, but it will give you the option to switch to something a little more flexible. According to 9to5Mac, Apple will provide users a list view in iOS 14 for their homescreens that’ll show your apps as a list instead of a grid. You’ll be able to sort through them by which ones have notifications, which ones you use the most, and more.

I can definitely see a good number of people switching to this interface. Apple’s stale grid view has gotten old over the years, so it’s nice to see something a bit refreshing. And if the app suggestions work well, I can see myself using it day in and day out.

iOS 14 will also include “new gesture capabilities” in addition to system-wide support for mouse cursors, a feature that’ll come in handy for iPadOS users.

In the accessibility department, 9to5Mac reports iOS 14 will be able to detect things like fire alarms, door knocks, sirens, and more and likely turn them into haptics for those who are hard of hearing. Audio Accommodations will help improve audio tuning over Apple’s AirPods and EarPods, while your iPhone’s camera will be able to detect hand gestures. I’m sure Apple has a few more tricks up its sleeve for accessibility since it’s an important area for them. Stay tuned.

Apple will also be adding some new wallpaper features to iOS 14. Third-party apps will now be able to integrate directly into the Wallpaper Settings pane in iOS and give you more options for a background. iOS 14 will also restructure how stock wallpapers are laid out.

Rounding things off, Apple will let users participate in #ShotOniPhone challenges from right inside the Photos app, AliPay support will come to Apple Pay, a new AR app is likely on the way to enable new experiences in Apple Stores and some third-parties like Starbucks, and HomeKit will get some upgrades.

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